the tutorial's input prompt has decided that it has had enough - its time to leave


  • use the ARROW KEYS to move
  • press Z to undo your last move
  • press R to restart the level
  • press N to skip the level
  • press M to toggle music on and off


if the game doesn't register any input on first load, here's a few things to try out:

  1. reload the page
  2. toggle the fullscreen on using the button in the bottom right corner. hold the "up" key and click around the screen until the input is registered. toggle the fullscreen off using the "escape" key

if neither of these things work, there is always the windows build!

made for the GMTK 2021 game jam


arrows to move - 6 MB

Development log


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I cant move

Hey! Just uploaded a new web version of the game which shouldn't have any input issues. Please try it out and let me know if it works:)



Great puzzle design! A little bit on the hard side but so satisfying when you clear a level. Will definitely return to this one. Would be an awesome mobile game.

The nature of the game is pretty punishing to small mistakes like pressing the wrong key, maybe an undo move would help with that.

Awesome work!


Hey! Thanks for playing! The game actually has an undo mechanic, check out the controls listed on the itch page - it bound to the Z key! 


Yeez I can’t read, haha! I blame it on the fact that I played your game after midnight 😅

Will play through the rest of the levels as soon as I get the time. Again great work!


Haha, love this idea. Couldn´t get past the second level though. Also love the animations in beetween. Would be nice if you could check out my submission "Square Pair" too. :)


damn this is cool


Thank you so much! <3

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Very cool puzzle game, nicely done! The first few levels do a good job at explaining the mechanic.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear the "textless tutorial" approach worked!


Nice! Great work!


Thank you!