You're a pod of peas fighting off cacti! Use your arsenal of weapons wisely, as everything breaks with one use.

CONTROLS: Move with WASD and use your MOUSE to aim - LEFT CLICK will use the currently equipped item, RIGHT CLICK will drop whatever your carrying. Points are awarded by defeating cacti. The game gets more difficult as your score increases.

Made for the 2019 GMTK 'only one' Game Jam.


Download 3 MB


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This is, by far, my favorite game to come out of the jam!

Oh wow, thank you so much! That really means a lot :)


It's extremely laggy but a great idea.

I would have prefered it if the bounds were more clear, great game nonetheless!

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too laggy

this game has some optimisation problems xd

It was fun though and I got 2680

Actually my computer has optimisation problems


One of my favorite things about this is the mechanic synergy of chucking the magic-8-ball gravity well to form a group of cacti, and then tossing the chemical beaker to blow them all up. I would love to see more synergy between items you can pick up.


my high score is 1160! i'll comment on the game relative to the jam in the jam section, but here in the comments i have to say, this is a great basis for a game, both in gameplay and style! i'm super fond of how it sounds like you made all the sound effects with your mouth lol, it's charming