combWASDion is a score-attack game where you need to blow up slimes and avoid bystanders, all while managing ever changing keybindings and unpredictable self immolation.


  • Use the key prompts on the 4 sides of the screen to move. Each time you release a key, it gets rebinded.
  • Use your power of spontaneous combustion for good - blow up slimes to gain points! Be careful though, you don't want to blow up any grannies.
  • Kick burnt slimes for extra points!
  • Navigate menus by pressing the corresponding highlighted button.


  • HAPPY - no rebinding, just explosions
  • NEUTRAL - all keys get rebinded after some time
  • SAD - keys get rebinded on use

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2020

by Forestherd, mattiasA & Ingvarb


Download 10 MB


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this is cute and very polished! honestly i think it would have been a lot more fun without the key rebindings, though - running around the screen and involuntarily exploding while trying to not catch up grannies in your blasts would have been enough to satisfy the theme without constantly forcing you to look from the screen to the keyboard and back. still definitely enjoyable

Thank you for the feedback! In hindsight it would have been such an easy addition to add some sort of toggle to the rebinding mechanic on the title screen and I am really regretting not adding it in now! Oh well, guess it'll have to wait til the post-jam version :p


Loved the game concept and mechanics...

Thank you and thanks for playing! :)