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Slingshot is a precision platformer where you use a magical orb to fling yourself through various challenges and obstacles.

Currently features 2 stages with their own mechanics!

-made by Tanel Marran, Mattias Aksli and Rebekka Breedis as a course project at University of Tartu


Slingshot.zip 37 MB


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hello! i've just played this game and had lots of fun. here's what i wrote down:

  • Character control is great - squash and stretch and sounds help
  • Graphics are pleasant
  • Using slingshot is inherently fun and I like how it physically interacts with terrain. Puzzles where you have to think about where the orb is were my favorite.
  • If player isn't inputting anything in air, character should slow down. Right now they keep going, which feels unnatural.
  • Footstep noises don't match cute character or soft looking ground
  • Strong Celeste vibes 
  • Puzzle where you have to leave orb behind and complete platforming challenge yourself before using it to cross spike gap is super clever 
  • Final challenge of first level is really hard haha, harder than anything in the second level since it requires such precise timing and positioning
  • The green blocks that care about the position of your orb are a great idea. This made the 2nd level stand out to me much more than the first
  • There's a bug where your orb will sometimes return to you before you want it to, without you touching it. That makes the "puzzle" room in the second stage frustrating
  • There's what looks like an exit in one of the later second stage rooms, on the ceiling, but it kills you if you try to go up it! I was later again killed by the top of the screen near the end of the second level, despite nothing being there. I get that it's a kill field but it's unintuitive.

Can't wait to see this developed further, it's got lots of potential!

Heya! Thanks so much for the feedback!:) Happy you enjoyed your time with our game. Could you please elaborate on the bug where the orb returns to you unintentionally? Do you know how to replicate it or describe how/where it happened?


it seemed to happen whenever the orb got too close to a wall - it may be a failsafe rather than a bug, it was hard to tell


Completed this game in an about 45 minutes and here's my feedback:

Concept - overall concept is awesome and the game plays amazingly. There was no moment where I felt that controls are the reason I die - everything is smooth and works as it should work.

Difficulty - game is pretty hard, but not too hard - right as precision platformer should be. One scene, on the other hand, was too hard - it took me about 10-15 minutes (last scene of the first level).

Graphics - the character and the orb both look really neat, but what is lacking is background. Background looks fine while you don't look at it closely - it's not bad, it's just very simple. Parallax makes it better though.

This game is very good and totally worth a shot. I see a lot of potential in it - if the authors will continue working on it, I will take a pleasure to buy and complete it.

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed the game and are really thankful for the feedback:) The background bugs me too, but unfortunately we had a deadline to meet and couldn't revisit it in time!